Against the backdrop of cobalt blue Greek sky meeting the Aegean Sea, Remezzo is nestled on the cliffside of the island’s renowned Caldera with sublime views of Santorini’s dramatic coastlines and romantic sunset that lies between the surrounding scattered islands.

Remezzo already counts more than 35 years of presence on the island. The recent restoration works were realized in respect to theoriginal local architecture while contemporary lines blend explicitlywith tradition. Both are combined modestly in the adaptation of a late 1800’s winery and giving intimate attention to detail. The vinification and distillation spaces as well as the wine cellars of the original structure were refurbished in 1980 to create this characteristic to the island establishment.

Vaulted internal spaces, curved edges and glass-brick skylights are
some of the studios and suites predominant features that create a
unique ambience of serenity and comfort. The sunwashed verandas,
private terraces and balconies oer exquisite moments of peace and
tranquility while sunbathing after a dive in the swimming pool or enjoying the stunning panoramic view of the island’s wild coastlines.

Remezzo’s aesthetic environment breeds familiarity and gives the
opportunity for a new experience that feels like home away from
home… we invite you to pack your six senses and join us as our
guests while you escape to comfort and quality at your leisure.