A life-long love affair with Santorini

Our family arrived on Santorini by a happy coincidence. With roots on the Cycladic island of Paros, Yiannis and Aliki Spanopoulos planned to build a small hotel there. But a brief visit to Santorini in the late ‘70s changed their mind — and the course of their lives. If Santorini was love at first sight, the process of buying, restoring, and converting two 140-year-old wineries into a hotel was a test of commitment and passion. The buildings’ original layout and features were preserved, so the guestrooms vary in size, outlook, and character.  

When Remezzo opened, there were only a handful of hotels in the enchanting village of Imerovigli. The idea was to introduce guests to this relaxed, traditional way of life. To welcome strangers with the kind of heartfelt hospitality that has become increasingly rare as tourism has taken hold. With hundreds of hotels to choose from on Santorini, times have changed. But our original vision has remained the same. Still family-run, Remezzo is the kind of hotel where guests become friends and return again and again.

A hotel that feels like a family 

Remezzo’s current owner-manager, Vassilis Spanopoulos grew up in the hotel — sharing his Santorini secrets, striking up new friendships, and charming guests. That’s pretty much what he’s still doing today, assisted by a long-standing team who have become part of the Remezzo family. Ever present and ever smiling, they work around the clock to make everything appear effortlessly perfect. 

Whether they’re plumping your pillows, cleaning the pool, mixing your sundowners, or mapping out a tailor-made itinerary for your stay, our tireless staff genuinely love what they do. This personal touch and thoughtful attention to detail is not something we are trained: kindness and generosity are simply in our nature. 

Santorini locals, either by birth or by choice, our team knows the island inside out. Every recommendation is an honest endorsement of the people and places that make Santorini so special. Our approach to hospitality reflects the things we value when we travel ourselves: curiosity, creativity, and a real connection.
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